How To Stop Skype Changing Your Website Design

How To Stop Skype Changing Your Website Design

If visitors to your website have Skype installed, it may reformat what it thinks are phone numbers on your website. This can be very annoying if you’re a web designer and you get an angry phone call from a client asking why the design is broken (and worse, you can’t see the problem because you’ve […]

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Two minute WordPress upgrade!

If you host your own [tag]Wordpress[/tag] then take note – there’s a [tag]php exploit[/tag] on the loose that’s taken out several well known SEO blogs. Advice is to update to [tag]Wordpress 2.0.7[/tag] right now. You have no excuse if you’re compromised because you have been warned! Updated 23rd Jan: there’s a shiny new WordPress v2.1 […]