What’s a meme?

I was asked yesterday “just what the hell is a ‘[tag]meme[/tag]’ anyway?”. Quite simply it’s one of those geeky terms that bloggers love to use because they sound complicated and techie, but in reality actually easy to understand: a meme is an [tag]idea[/tag]! Now if you head on over to [tag]Wikipedia[/tag], the be-all and end-all […]

Screw you, comments spammers

Screw you, comments spammers

Thanks to [tag]Spam Karma[/tag] 2 and [tag]Askimet[/tag], my various [tag]Wordpress[/tag] blogs’ comments are 100% spam free from [tag]automated spam[/tag]. So [tag]comment spam[/tag]mers, piss off and bother somebody else.

Dirty spammers use my domain as From address

If you recently received a spam mail from, well you didn’t. Some dirty, stinking scumbag email spammer configured his bulk-mailer to use this domain in the From: address. But you can quit feeling sorry for yourself – I’ve received over 40 80 “delivery failed” notifications and counting!

I hope you are havening a Happy New Year

Some humour to get you through the first day back at work ! This is one from way back when… used to keep me entertained every day: Link: The Chronicles of George. Did you read Good ol’ George back in the day? Leave a comment.

For Sale: Dell Inspiron 9300

[update: this machine is no longer available – this was posted in December 2006] I’m selling my laptop because I’m moving to a desktop system. This Dell Inspiron 9300 is a powerful desktop replacement machine with a great widescreen and the fantasic nVidea GeForce Go 6800 graphics card which runs games like Quake 4, Half-Life […]

Microsoft getting hip with Zune and MTB

Over at Yahoo!s Spotlight! On! Technology!! there’s an article! (ok, I’ll stop now) about Microsoft’s Zune project manager and how he’s a cool and hip downhill mountain biker. It’s an interesting article, you should go check it out. One thing I thought was a bit bloody stupid of the reporter, though, was this fantastic comparison: […]

YouTube and 2.0 subculture

I didn’t fully comprehend the scale of the changes to culture on the web these days. I’ve been a geek forever and yet I missed the whole Web 2.0 thing. The web has become the realm of normal people lately! Cute girls (who I can positively guarantee don’t know a pre-processor statement from a constant […]

T minus 790 days and counting…

This fantastic add-on for Firefox counts down the number of days remaining in the world’s favourite cretin’s presidential term. Fantastic! Or should I cry – more than 2 years! Get Firefox add-on: President Bush Countdown. Small, unobtrusive countdown appears in your status bar. Whaddya mean, you don’t have Firefox? HomeSec, we have a suspected terrorist!

WoW – how to do a Dire Maul: Tribute run!

This is a how-to on doing a Dire Maul:Tribute run. Part of my Warcraft Tips series – hope it’s of some use to you! For druid tanks it’s all about getting the Unyielding Maul which is a weapon almost as good as the Warden Staff. Comments in quotes are originally from US WoW forums. Pre-requisites: […]

WoW Baron 45 strategy

Some tips I wrote up for our guild when trying the Stratholme Baron: 45 run. Part of my Warcraft Tips series – hope it’s of some use to you! If you’re unfamiliar, the aim is to get to the Baron and get your first hit in on him less than 45 mins after zoning into […]