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Useful Software for Windows

Updated Aug 2013 This list was created for my own reference to keep all the links in one handy location. It might be useful for ideas for you too when you’re installing a new Windows PC or laptop. Not all … Continue reading

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Fix for Firefox Graphics Problems in Windows 8

If you’re using Firefox on Windows 8, particularly on an nVidea graphics card, you may have seen a lot of graphics problems, glitches where images are blurry or even completely unrecognisable. Here’s a possible fix for that which has worked … Continue reading

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How to disable Metro UI in Windows 8

I’m playing around with Windows 8 on desktop PC – first impressions pretty good, but I’m not convinced of the value of Metro UI on a desktop yet (although it is beautiful). Metro would be great on a touchscreen, but … Continue reading

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Creating Keyboard Shortcuts in MS Word

Here’s a quick video I did on how to create a keyboard shortcut in Microsoft Word.

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Solution for Media Player Classic: Can’t create shockwave control

Quick fix: if you recently reinstalled like I just did, you might encounter this error when trying to play SWF or FLV files with Media Player Classic: “Can’t create shockwave control” The answer to fix this is fairly simple – … Continue reading

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