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Disable Facebook Picture Auto-Tagging

Facebook have done it again:

Facebook sorry over face tagging launch

Facebook has apologised for the way it rolled-out a new system that recognises users’ faces.

The social network said that it should have done more to notify members about the global launch.

Its Tag Suggestions feature scans photos and automatically picks out existing friends.

Although users have the option to switch it off, some complained that they were not explicitly asked if they wanted it activated.

(Source: BBC News)

If, like me, you found it difficult to figure out how to disable this setting, here’s some help (with thanks to Chris) :)

In your Facebook account go to:

Account -- Account Settings -- Privacy -- Customize Settings -- Things Others Share


Disable the option "Suggest photos of me to friends."

That’s it, you have now prevented Facebook auto-tagging you in pictures :)

2 responses to “Disable Facebook Picture Auto-Tagging”

  1. Richard says:

    Interestingly enough – I have mine disabled (just doubled checked) yet it STILL auto tags me in photos my sister just uploaded.

  2. islandman says:

    Yes, but how do you stop it from auto-completing when you try to tag photos of others in your albums?
    The auto-complete feature won’t allow me to put in names, if they are not in my friends list, and keeps overiding what I try to insert with other peoples names.

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