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Useful Software for Windows

Updated Aug 2013

This list was created for my own reference to keep all the links in one handy location. It might be useful for ideas for you too when you’re installing a new Windows PC or laptop. Not all of these are free, but the vast majority are.

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  1. […] This is a list of mostly free softare that I need to have on my Mac after it’s reinstalled. I’m posting this mainly for my own future reference, so that I have a checklist and all the links handy when reinstalling. However, it might be useful for ideas for you too. See also Essential software for new Windows box […]

  2. Vertis says:

    Not a bad list. I personally prefer Notepad++ over Notepad2, but then that’s more for the syntax highlighting and programming features than just being a superior replacement to notepad. I’d be very interested to know how the two stack up when opening *HUGE* 1G text file, e.g. database dumps.

  3. Vertis says:

    That was Notepad Plus Plus (and it removed the plus symbols)

  4. amd says:

    Notepad2 has syntax highlighting for quite a few languages – all the ones I need for web work at least (html, css, php, javascript, java). The most vital thing for me is instant loadtime. I use a text editor really often, and there are plenty of richly featured ones but few that open instantly with zero delay.

    I haven’t opened 1GB file with it, might test it out at some point.

    Edit note: I fixed the ++ for you.

  5. amd says:

    Updated list for Dec 2009.

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