ambatchdotcom seocontest: pointless or educational?

I’m wondering if the ambatchdotcom seocontest is as pointless as it appears. From looking at the google search results for “ambatchdotcom seocontest” it’s obviously that all the well known SEO tactics are out in force.

  • the keywords ambatchdotcom seocontest are spammed all throughout the headings, body and links for relevance bonus. Ok, not quite spammed, but borderline
  • many of the sites are blogs for the frequently updated bonus
  • urls, particularly domainnames, contain the keywords for relevance bonus (like the guy with his blog at http://ambatchdotcom- with a wordpress userid of ambatchdotcom-seocontest)
  • domainnames registered years ago are being used to avoid the sandbox effect
  • many backlinks within the site increase pageranking
  • what many believe is the real winner: external links, hundreds of them, from well ranked sites
  • meta tags
  • … and finally, I believe there’s even a semantic html site in there. I’ll be watching that one.

So, is it really a worthwhile educational contest as ambatchdotcom would have us believe? Well, I’m not convinced. Most of the above is well known, white hat, good seo practice. I believe that once you have the basics covered that there’s not much more you can do. Unless, of course, you’re morally flexible, and willing to go the black-hat route.

Is this an ambatchdotcom seocontest entry?

So, you ask, what about this post? No, I am not entering the seocontest. However, for a mere 5 euro donation to my paypal account I will give you a live external link to your ambatchdotcom seocontest page from this blog entry with the relevant keywords. What a great deal! For a larger amount I will also be happy to link to you from elsewhere – post a comment below.

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    I am the undisputed SEO King so this contest is a joke!

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