Alastair McDermott is an online business and technology consultant specialising in helping small businesses and professional services providers to increase online sales by improving website conversion rates and bringing more visitor traffic.

He has been building websites and software since 1996 and has co-founded several software, web and information based startup companies and has provided solutions for businesses and organisations of all sizes.

Alastair is the author of Running a Website with WordPress: A Quick Guide for Business Owners, available from Amazon in print and Kindle editions. He blogs, and makes media of all kinds at WebsiteDoctor.

Should we A or B? Yes, we should.

I’m wondering if it’s because I’ve programmed too much, but I find it quite funny to give the correct answer of Yes to A or B questions. “Would you like tea or coffee?” “Yes” (I would like some tea or some coffee) “Should I go left or right?” “Yes” (otherwise you’ll never get there) Too […]

Movie review: Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

Revenge of the Sith occupied my time yesterday evening – I went along with some geeks (colleagues) and a Star Wars nut (significant other). Personally, I’m an old school sf fanatic, brought up on a diet of Clarke and Asimov, with plenty of Heinlein, Bradbury and Wells thrown into the mix. For example, I’m dreading […]