BuyandSell – Buyer fraud?

I’ve currently got my Inspiron 9300 listed on BuyandSell, a free ads paper with an online version. I believe I’ve received a couple of potential fraud inquiries.They mention “the item” I have for sale without mentioning what it is, and talk about PayPal or Moneygram payment. I don’t know precisely how the fraud works, but I imagine it leaves me seriously out of pocket. If you’re familiar with this one, leave a comment below.

Dear BuyandSell customer,

This message was sent by to you directly on behalf of free-email-address1@gmaildotcom in
response to your adverisement on the BuyandSell WebSite.

Please read the message from the interested buyer below, and if you would like to respond please
use the following email address: free-email-address1@gmaildotcom

Best Regards
The BuyandSell Team.

MESSAGE FROM INTERESTED BUYER: (free-email-address1@gmaildotcom)
Hello seller,
i am Mrs Helyn John from New York.i was surfin on the web when i came across your ad and am
very interested in it,but first i will want to know if you are the real owner of the item and what
is it present condition.Moreover i will want to know the total cost of the item and like to let you
know that am paying you thru MONEY GRAM or Paypal get back to me on my personal email
address at ok.
thanks await your humble reply soon…………
Helyn John

(Sent: December 6, 2006, 11:33am AV: 311)
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Why I think it is fraud:

  • refers to what I am selling as “the item”
  • uses free email addresses (and 2 different ones at that)
  • mentions MoneyGram and PayPal as payment methods
  • poor spelling and grammar

BuyandSell list a Payment Protection fraud on their Knowledge Base, it’s not the same fraud, but has a couple of similarities.


BuyandSell responds:

Sorry for the inconvenience & thanks for bringing this to our attention. Please note we would
definitely not advise you to go ahead with this as it looks as one of the current scams listed on our
website. We had to stop the registrations those e-mails were sent from as they did not comply with
with our registration policies.
Thanks & regards.

B&S Support