Andy demonstrates the power of social media

Andy Hagan wrote a fantastic post called The Lazy SEO Manifesto and it’s hit the social media sites like crazy. Just look at that spike! Nice one, Andy! btw, personally I’d enable trackbacks and comments for that post.                         

WordPress database error: errno 13

[tag]Error[/tag] messages are always a worrying sight, but thankfully this one was easily dealt with. Here’s the message I was seeing today on my newly upgraded to [tag]Wordpress v2.1[/tag] blog: [tag]WordPress database error[/tag]: [Can’t find file: ‘./homedir/wp_comments.frm’ (errno: 13)] SELECT foo FROM bar WHERE … A quick google tells me that it’s a [tag]MySQL error[/tag], […]

Two minute WordPress upgrade!

If you host your own [tag]Wordpress[/tag] then take note – there’s a [tag]php exploit[/tag] on the loose that’s taken out several well known SEO blogs. Advice is to update to [tag]Wordpress 2.0.7[/tag] right now. You have no excuse if you’re compromised because you have been warned! Updated 23rd Jan: there’s a shiny new WordPress v2.1 […]

Terapad review and dealing with customer feedback

I read an interesting review of Terapad last night from Andy. It was a constructively critical [tag]review[/tag] with many [tag]compliments[/tag] and [tag]complaints[/tag] about the various features of this new blogging platform. Stephan of [tag]Terapad[/tag] was very quick to reply to Andy’s review, albeit in a somewhat defensive manner. From a neutral perspective I can tell […]