Manager Assistant site review

As a professional web developer and SEO I get asked for website reviews sometimes: this post is a paid review of the Manager Assistant website. Generally when I’m doing an overview of a website I look at 3 main topics: usability and accessibility search engine optimisation business effectiveness Usability  and Accessibility This is important because […]

Answering: What are your weaknesses?

People sometimes worry about this interview question where you’re asked what your weaknesses are. If you read the interview advice books, half of them will tell you to make something up that’s untrue but can be turned into a strength, like “I’m a perfectionist, which makes it hard for me to finish things, but I’m […]

Blogs good, Form replies bad

So I went and did The Right Thing – y’all know what I mean – looking up the almost impossible to find “report a bug” link, submitting a fairly well structured and constructive post. And received the usual brick to the head Form Letter reply. Dear amd, Thank you for contacting PayPal, my name is […]

PR101: do not threaten potential customers

Fantastic effort here by Switchmedia to ensure their good name is tarnished forever more in Ireland. They decided sending legal threats to would ensure their reputation is upheld.Of course, pissing off some 50,000 potential customers is not the best PR strategy. This is an era of communication and data retention – the internet does […]