Are you using FreeAgent with Bank of Ireland?

Are you using FreeAgent with Bank of Ireland (BOI Banking 365 or Business Online)? I want to talk to other folks who are integrating their BOI bank feed with FreeAgent – if you’re up for it, can you send me an email at AMD (at) ?

Interesting post about the dangers of freelancing on Upwork. They eventually sorted this situation out, but I suspect only because of the huge social media coverage.

Updated WP-CLI backup script

Here’s a new version of the wp-cli backup script mentioned previously. This adds a check that it’s running as a user, and backs up the upload directory too. You need to have wp-cli installed and run this in your WordPress root, as a regular (non-root) user. If you use this I’d love to hear from […]

Fix for WordPress unable to create uploads directory or not writable by server

Fix for WordPress unable to create uploads directory or not writable by server

This is a note to future self as much as anything, but hopefully useful for someone out there. Situation: uploads are failing with “Unable to create directory uploads. Is its parent directory writable by the server?” Check the following: wp-content/uploads is chmod -R 777 (for testing, switch to something more secure after you get this […]

Quick backup script with WP-CLI

Quick backup script for WP-CLI users. This just grabs the DB, active theme, a list of plugins and the wp-config file. This isn’t meant to replace a daily backup of all DBs and changed files, but it is the kind of thing that I find handy to run just before I attempt something stupid on […]

iPhone DCIM empty in Windows

Here’s what I recently thought was a technical problem: I was using my iPhone to record video and transferring it to my PC using the USB connector, when suddenly the DCIM folder was empty. I checked the phone and all the photos and videos were there, but in Windows Explorer they were missing. However, the […]