Two minute WordPress upgrade!

If you host your own [tag]Wordpress[/tag] then take note – there’s a [tag]php exploit[/tag] on the loose that’s taken out several well known SEO blogs. Advice is to update to [tag]Wordpress 2.0.7[/tag] right now. You have no excuse if you’re compromised because you have been warned! Updated 23rd Jan: there’s a shiny new WordPress v2.1 […]

What’s a meme?

I was asked yesterday “just what the hell is a ‘[tag]meme[/tag]’ anyway?”. Quite simply it’s one of those geeky terms that bloggers love to use because they sound complicated and techie, but in reality actually easy to understand: a meme is an [tag]idea[/tag]! Now if you head on over to [tag]Wikipedia[/tag], the be-all and end-all […]

Screw you, comments spammers

Screw you, comments spammers

Thanks to [tag]Spam Karma[/tag] 2 and [tag]Askimet[/tag], my various [tag]Wordpress[/tag] blogs’ comments are 100% spam free from [tag]automated spam[/tag]. So [tag]comment spam[/tag]mers, piss off and bother somebody else.

Dirty spammers use my domain as From address

If you recently received a spam mail from, well you didn’t. Some dirty, stinking scumbag email spammer configured his bulk-mailer to use this domain in the From: address. But you can quit feeling sorry for yourself – I’ve received over 40 80 “delivery failed” notifications and counting!

I hope you are havening a Happy New Year

Some humour to get you through the first day back at work ! This is one from way back when… used to keep me entertained every day: Link: The Chronicles of George. Did you read Good ol’ George back in the day? Leave a comment.

For Sale: Dell Inspiron 9300

[update: this machine is no longer available – this was posted in December 2006] I’m selling my laptop because I’m moving to a desktop system. This Dell Inspiron 9300 is a powerful desktop replacement machine with a great widescreen and the fantasic nVidea GeForce Go 6800 graphics card which runs games like Quake 4, Half-Life […]

Microsoft getting hip with Zune and MTB

Over at Yahoo!s Spotlight! On! Technology!! there’s an article! (ok, I’ll stop now) about Microsoft’s Zune project manager and how he’s a cool and hip downhill mountain biker. It’s an interesting article, you should go check it out. One thing I thought was a bit bloody stupid of the reporter, though, was this fantastic comparison: […]

YouTube and 2.0 subculture

I didn’t fully comprehend the scale of the changes to culture on the web these days. I’ve been a geek forever and yet I missed the whole Web 2.0 thing. The web has become the realm of normal people lately! Cute girls (who I can positively guarantee don’t know a pre-processor statement from a constant […]

T minus 790 days and counting…

This fantastic add-on for Firefox counts down the number of days remaining in the world’s favourite cretin’s presidential term. Fantastic! Or should I cry – more than 2 years! Get Firefox add-on: President Bush Countdown. Small, unobtrusive countdown appears in your status bar. Whaddya mean, you don’t have Firefox? HomeSec, we have a suspected terrorist!

WoW – how to do a Dire Maul: Tribute run!

This is a how-to on doing a Dire Maul:Tribute run. Part of my Warcraft Tips series – hope it’s of some use to you! For druid tanks it’s all about getting the Unyielding Maul which is a weapon almost as good as the Warden Staff. Comments in quotes are originally from US WoW forums. Pre-requisites: […]