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A friend was asking me why I was still posting about WoW after I quit :) If you make money from this come back and let me know. druid 479 12.4 % wow 309 8 % feral 306 7.9 % gear 300 7.7 % tanking 136 3.5 % tribute 103 2.6 % tank 98 2.5 […]

Andy demonstrates the power of social media

Andy Hagan wrote a fantastic post called The Lazy SEO Manifesto and it’s hit the social media sites like crazy. Just look at that spike! Nice one, Andy! btw, personally I’d enable trackbacks and comments for that post.                         

The power of an early link

Igor over at posted about deeplinking to your own site early in your posts. It makes a lot of sense from an [tag]SEO[/tag] point of view for couple of reasons: Whenever your “content” is republished somewhere … many times you’ll notice that the website will show a brief intro to content (usually your first […]

SEO Book experiment

I mentioned previously that I was interested in learning more about SEO. I’m now at the stage where I don’t believe I can learn any more from free resources, so either I need to sign up to a paid forum somewhere, or invest in some resources. I must say – I am extremely, extremely sceptical […]

Learning some more about SEO

I’ want to learn more about SEO. I have a strong understanding of all the basic principles, in the same way that a graduate knows the basics of their specialist topic, but taking it profession will take a lot of effort. There are some great resources online, and there’s one that I keep getting pointed […]

ambatchdotcom seocontest: pointless or educational?

I’m wondering if the ambatchdotcom seocontest is as pointless as it appears. From looking at the google search results for “ambatchdotcom seocontest” it’s obviously that all the well known SEO tactics are out in force. the keywords ambatchdotcom seocontest are spammed all throughout the headings, body and links for relevance bonus. Ok, not quite spammed, […]