Updated WP-CLI backup script

Here’s a new version of the wp-cli backup script mentioned previously. This adds a check that it’s running as a user, and backs up the upload directory too. You need to have wp-cli installed and run this in your WordPress root, as a regular (non-root) user. If you use this I’d love to hear from […]

Manager Assistant site review

As a professional web developer and SEO I get asked for website reviews sometimes: this post is a paid review of the Manager Assistant website. Generally when I’m doing an overview of a website I look at 3 main topics: usability and accessibility search engine optimisation business effectiveness Usability  and Accessibility This is important because […]

Learning through doing … CSS

Under construction Remember back in the 90s when half the web had the tacky “Under constuction” animated gifs? I sure do. Well anyway, I’ve decided in order to learn CSS properly I’m going to create me a WordPress Theme. Who knows, if I manage to make it half decent I’ll make it available for download. […]

Paypal – donate button and error message 5302 solved

The Paypal button I created using the code off their site didn’t work – I was getting this Message 5302 that the world was falling apart or something. Whatever it was, the result was I couldn’t be paid and my goldfish would starve and we can’t have that. So here’s how to fix it. To […]