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  1. Rohin
    Rohin at |

    Thank you for this great tip, it worked perfect! :)
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. amd
    amd at |

    Glad to help :)

  3. Ahmad
    Ahmad at |

    Thank you, this works!

  4. efesar
    efesar at |

    Awesome fix! Firefox was garbled and ridiculously slow. Much improved. Thanks!

  5. Jonah'
    Jonah' at |

    Worked like a charm. Thanks very much.

  6. Adam
    Adam at |

    Thanks! Do you know why hardware acceleration causes problems though?

  7. amd
    amd at |

    Well, not the very detailed precise technical reasons, but at a higher level I’d guess it’s because nVidia didn’t test every hardware configuration with Windows 8 and there’s an obscure bug in there somewhere.

  8. Andy
    Andy at |

    Thankyou! this had been annoying me for ages.

  9. Raj
    Raj at |

    It worked flawlessly. Thanks for the help.

  10. M Waqar Hasan Khan
    M Waqar Hasan Khan at |

    It worked fine. Thanks for sharing the solution. … Waqar (Karachi, Pakistan)

  11. Mystic Force
    Mystic Force at |

    thanks , that tip helps me a lot and i was about to consider using Google Chrome bur i’m in love with FF
    thanks again

  12. ishan khan
    ishan khan at |

    Thank you sir it was Awesome trick …windows 8 really good I don’t want go back to 7 …….iam fr (india,maharastra,nanded)

  13. Frosby
    Frosby at |



  14. Dark Shades
    Dark Shades at |

    dude you are a life saver thanks \m/

  15. Yasin
    Yasin at |

    Thank you, works perfect!

  16. Fabry
    Fabry at |

    6 un grande grazie

  17. omar
    omar at |

    soooooooooooooo thanks ur great man that’s help me thank u sooooooooo much :)

  18. Ramin
    Ramin at |

    Thanks, worked even without a restart!

  19. Jim S
    Jim S at |

    Awesome! FF was unusable before this fix. Thanks so much.

  20. Natty
    Natty at |

    Doesn’t solve the problem for me.
    Tried even updating GPU driver.

    The only thing that fixed it (but the problem came back next day..) is the help in Firefox menu->Troubleshooting Information then reset firefox at the web page that opens.
    But as I said, it only helped for a day (tried several times)

    Any other suggestions?

    -NVIDIA GeForce GT 620M

  21. John
    John at |

    I have a nvidia g210m fixed my firefox issues instantly, I thought it was a windows 8 issue and waited for mozilla to update their software

  22. bakr
    bakr at |

    many thanks
    that was Awesome

  23. matt
    matt at |

    Wow, it works!! Thanks!!!

  24. husam
    husam at |

    thank you very much …. it’s work … great post man ;)

  25. adunby
    adunby at |

    I still have the problem in a brand new samsung notebook, i have Nvidia Geforce Gt – any help ?

  26. Alex Leonard
    Alex Leonard at |

    Thanks! Totally sorted it out for me. Things were behaving very oddly altogether.

  27. Rz
    Rz at |

    tnx , it works ;)

  28. ss
    ss at |

    thank you very very …. much :))

  29. fmcg
    fmcg at |

    thanks for the tip!!!

  30. Xal
    Xal at |

    I had also Problems with just installed new AMD Radeon HD 7870 under Win8 with the current FF 20.0.1
    I got many wrong pixel inside of the Favorite Bar.
    The solution fixed the problem.

    This looks like FF having a problem and not nVidea /AMD.

  31. pleigh
    pleigh at |

    This worked for me.

  32. Lorraine
    Lorraine at |

    Hi. I have a windows 8 laptop and I need to disable my hardware acceleration but I can’t find it anywhere, any ideas where it is please?
    Many thanks

  33. amd
    amd at |

    Are you talking about disabling it in Firefox? Does the option not appear in Firefox as described above?

  34. brendon
    brendon at |

    Works a treat videos load much faster was crashing and really slow before i have windows 8 and ati graphics thankyou very much

  35. Ali Bagheri Shakib
    Ali Bagheri Shakib at |

    Great! tnx … :)

  36. John
    John at |

    This problem has been bugging me since I started using Win 8.1… Unfortunately, it did not resolve the problem for me…
    Thanks anyway! Was worth trying…

  37. Jason
    Jason at |

    Thanks a mill! This recently started happening on my Windows 7 machine after the latest spate of windows updates. Couldnt quite place why the error was occurring, but I was getting random lines of text looking blurry about half way through the line. I couldnt find any resolution myself or struggled to find anything using google search about the problem. Then I stumbled upon this fix for Windows 8 when I was infact trying to fix another issue you posted about, Skype click in call screwing up css designs. What a great website – full of useful tid-bits. Keep it up!

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