How quick can you make a cappuccino?

We have a really good Gaggia espresso machine in our building. It’s a pleasure to use, right up there with what most dedicated coffee shops are using, and much better than the rubbish you’ll see in a lot of bars. One of the guys here with me appreciates a top notch coffee as much as I do. We know how to make a sweet espresso or our standard superb cappuccino. We have a routine to making 2 cups which we have down pat. Although we appreciate quality over speed, for amateurs we’re fast, very fast.

How fast exactly? Well, our boss sends an email:

Reminder 2pm Room 16b, meeting with Amy & Joe – be on time.

It’s 1.55pm but for this meeting we know we’ll need serious caffeine hits – can we get downstairs, make 2 cappuccinos, clean up after ourselves and be back at the meeting room ontime? Sure we can!

Walking into the meeting room at 1.59pm with 2 fantastic coffees, dusted lightly with chocolate powder, knowing we’ve left the steamer and the rest of the machine spotless? The coffee was superb. Anyone need a couple of baristas?