iPhone DCIM empty in Windows

Here’s what I recently thought was a technical problem: I was using my iPhone to record video and transferring it to my PC using the USB connector, when suddenly the DCIM folder was empty.

I checked the phone and all the photos and videos were there, but in Windows Explorer they were missing.

However, the cause and solution were both easier than expected: it’s a security feature enabled when the iPhone is initially connected when locked, and all you need to do is:

  1. disconnect the USB connection,
  2. unlock the iPhone, and then
  3. reconnect to USB.

Your iPhone DCIM should no longer be empty!

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  1. amd
    amd at |

    Dear google, please index this page and this one!

  2. murtaza
    murtaza at |

    HELP! I copied my dcim folder not knowing it would be empty and after that i restored my iphone and did not back up… and now i have lost my photos! how can i get them back, is it possible?!!

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