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I’ want to learn more about SEO. I have a strong understanding of all the basic principles, in the same way that a graduate knows the basics of their specialist topic, but taking it profession will take a lot of effort.

There are some great resources online, and there’s one that I keep getting pointed back at, everytime I look up something on SEO, This is either very ominous or a ringing endorsement. The resourse is “SEO book” which is a PDF ebook from Aaron Wall, an SEO expert.

The book sounds interesting, and I have yet to find a negative review. On the flip side, it seems a lot of the reviews are from paid affliates, which isn’t always a bad thing, but many don’t declare the fact that they’re on sales commission and all are very positive. One review on seobookreview.com is so enthusiastic in the extreme, and tied in very slickly with the SEO Book site that it’s actually off-putting. Aaron/Brendan, if you read this, be wary of the gush-effect, it’s not always positive. Tempered enthusiasm and cautious positiveness can be more effective. Maybe it’s a social or psychological thing.

The PDF ebook is $79 which seems pricey, especially when you’re not getting a nicely bound hard copy, but the great bonus of having updates constantly available when stuff like ranking algorithms change. I’m old skool, I like to have a dead tree in my hands… a good laser printer would do an acceptable job.

I’d love to find a negative review somewhere. There’s some crazy psychology going on there, I’m sure, but haven’t you heard the adage “too good to be true”? It’s a tough one to set aside on today’s web.

I followed Aaron’s “One question” request, and asked him “Where can I find a negative review of your book?”. He replied in a couple of hours, maybe even sooner with “here is a negative review of me: http://www.google-watch.org/gaming.html“. Fair play Aaron.

Update 2:
Aaron posted “Roast Me, Please!” on the basis of my feedback – cheers :)

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