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  1. Sebastien Lamba
    Sebastien Lamba at |


    yes the trackpad drivers are pathetic: freezes, too sensitive to scroll properly, and i won’t even mention the zoom function that suffers from the same sensitivity issues, but worse.

    That said, everything else seems to be working fine and I’ve not needed other drivers than the ones provided. I find x64 much snappier than x86 vista.

  2. Mikey Tayal
    Mikey Tayal at |

    Just got things live; Win Vista Prem on Air. Wish there was more HDD. So far so good. Loving it.

  3. Aldo
    Aldo at |


    Question: What happen if you have installed Vista using the entire drive, so the Mac OS X is not present, and Apple release a EFI firmware update? Does Apple offer a way to update the EFI through Vista?

    Thank you,


  4. amd
    amd at |

    Hi Aldo,

    I’m not certain what would happen in that case, but I would recommend that you keep a small partition big enough to contain MacOSX as a just-in-case facility! :)


  5. Daniel Barden
    Daniel Barden at |


    Can I ask some questions? I’m thinking about buying a MacBook Air and I want to install windows. Did you have any kind of trouble concerning drive conflicts? Graphical board and wireless, specially.

    And did you buy the external dvd drive from apple to install windows?

    Best regards

  6. amd
    amd at |

    Hey Daniel,

    Yeah I got the external drive, it’s an essential, not a so-called “optional” extra!

    No problem installing Vista whatsoever, I was really amazed at how easy it was!

    Thanks for the comment.

  7. amd
    amd at |

    Update: MBA 1,1 runs Windows 7 just fine. Haven’t yet tried 8.

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