Manager Assistant site review

As a professional web developer and SEO I get asked for website reviews sometimes: this post is a paid review of the Manager Assistant website.

Generally when I’m doing an overview of a website I look at 3 main topics:

Usability  and Accessibility

This is important because accessible sites are normally search engine friendly, and usable sites get longer visitor stay time and happier users.

Layout – 0/10 uses a XHTML doctype but is invalid and worse, uses a table based layout with spacer gifs. The year is 2007, not 1997, and this is not really acceptable from anyone calling themselves a professional development team.

Images – 0/10

The site uses a (slow loading) image at to contain the main text of the page. This image does not have an alt tag, so the text is completely lost to blind users and no search engine will index it either – so this page will not rank for any of the terms mentioned there. Actually, and even worse, this image is not even a normal image but set as background to a table cell, so it’s not even possible to set an alt tag!

Javascript – 3/10

A lot of Javascript, which appears to contain important content, will not appear for non-Javascript enabled browsers.

Bottom line on accessibility is that users with any kind of special need, including the blind, elderly, or even people using cellphone and PDA browsers will have difficulty using this website.

Recommendation: rebuild the site template using valid XHTML and CSS – i.e. 2007 standards. This won’t cost the earth – give us a call at Log On Internet Marketing Ltd. and we’ll give you a quote.

Search Engine Optimisation

In-bound links – 9/10  has a fantastic 23,000+ backlinks showing in Yahoo. This means that with a toolbar pagerank of 6, the site has the potential to rank very highly for less competitive keywords, and even rank quite good for fairly competitive terms.

On page content – 3/10

Contrary to the great work in building backlinks, the on page content is poor – text within images without alt tags, spammy title tag, too many keywords in meta keyword and description tags. Very few pages of content on the site as a whole. This site will perform poorly in the Long Tail.

Bottom line: this site will rank highly in the search engine results due to number of backlinks but will not rank for very many different terms. This may or may not be an issue if the focus is tight enough and the long tail is irrelevant.

Recommendation: when rebuilding the site (as mentioned above) use SEO best practices to ensure the site ranks well for many different keywords.

Business Effectiveness

So you have potential customers looking at your site. What do you want them to do there?

Clear call to action – 9/10  clearly offers a Free Demo – this is one of the first things I noticed when looking at the page. This call to action is big, round and orange – the opposite colour and shape to most of the rest of the content.

The secondary calls to action for BUY Now and More Info – these are clear and strong. Personally, I might be tempted to change the “BUY Now” text to “Add to cart”, as this is slightly more appealing – this is a personal thing and not a big deal on a non-ecommerce site.


This is a half-decent site with good potential. The things I’d concentrate on would be reworking the site template to make it standards based (xhtml 1.0 and css2). This will make the site far more accessible and have the nice knock-on effect of being much more search engine friendly and help to rank for many more different searches.

If  you would like your website reviewed here, or want a quote for SEO or webdesign services, ask for Alastair at