Microsoft getting hip with Zune and MTB

Over at Yahoo!s Spotlight! On! Technology!! there’s an article! (ok, I’ll stop now) about Microsoft’s Zune project manager and how he’s a cool and hip downhill mountain biker. It’s an interesting article, you should go check it out.

One thing I thought was a bit bloody stupid of the reporter, though, was this fantastic comparison:

Zune hit store shelves on Nov. 14–a mere eight months after Allard’s team got the go-ahead for the seemingly impossible task of toppling Apple’s iPod music player. Contrast that with the five years and some 10,000 Microsoft Corp. workers it took to give birth to the latest version of the company’s Windows operating system, Vista

Sure, dude, ‘cos writing and shipping a multi-million line-of-code general purpose operating system supporting tens of thousands of devices is comparable to shipping a device comprising a hard drive, a sound card and 4 buttons.

I’m no fan of MS, and especially not Vista with it’s f’cked up license, but jeez, give those guys a break!