Screw you, comments spammers

Screw you, comments spammers

Thanks to [tag]Spam Karma[/tag] 2 and [tag]Askimet[/tag], my various [tag]Wordpress[/tag] blogs’ comments are 100% spam free from [tag]automated spam[/tag]. So [tag]comment spam[/tag]mers, piss off and bother somebody else.

The power of an early link

Igor over at posted about deeplinking to your own site early in your posts. It makes a lot of sense from an [tag]SEO[/tag] point of view for couple of reasons: Whenever your “content” is republished somewhere … many times you’ll notice that the website will show a brief intro to content (usually your first […]

Minor Wordpress vulnerability confirmed

Minor WordPress vulnerability confirmed

Thanks to Jason for the heads-up – it seems that my [tag]Wordpress[/tag] 2.0 [tag]blogs[/tag] are [tag]vulnerable[/tag] to the [tag]exploit[/tag] listed in WordPress issue #3142, but the effect is relatively minor. Every logged in user can spy out the metadata of all other users by typing in the URL /wp-admin/user-edit.php?user_id=XXX irrespective if he has the right […]

Dirty spammers use my domain as From address

If you recently received a spam mail from, well you didn’t. Some dirty, stinking scumbag email spammer configured his bulk-mailer to use this domain in the From: address. But you can quit feeling sorry for yourself – I’ve received over 40 80 “delivery failed” notifications and counting!

I hope you are havening a Happy New Year

Some humour to get you through the first day back at work ! This is one from way back when… used to keep me entertained every day: Link: The Chronicles of George. Did you read Good ol’ George back in the day? Leave a comment.

SEO Book experiment

I mentioned previously that I was interested in learning more about SEO. I’m now at the stage where I don’t believe I can learn any more from free resources, so either I need to sign up to a paid forum somewhere, or invest in some resources. I must say – I am extremely, extremely sceptical […]

For Sale: Dell Inspiron 9300

[update: this machine is no longer available – this was posted in December 2006] I’m selling my laptop because I’m moving to a desktop system. This Dell Inspiron 9300 is a powerful desktop replacement machine with a great widescreen and the fantasic nVidea GeForce Go 6800 graphics card which runs games like Quake 4, Half-Life […]

BuyandSell – Buyer fraud?

I’ve currently got my Inspiron 9300 listed on BuyandSell, a free ads paper with an online version. I believe I’ve received a couple of potential fraud inquiries.They mention “the item” I have for sale without mentioning what it is, and talk about PayPal or Moneygram payment. I don’t know precisely how the fraud works, but […]

Securing a new Windows box on the cheap

I had to secure a new Dell laptop (a lovely Inspiron M1210) recently, here’s what I did. Security updates for operating system First things, first – update Windows as soon as possible. Use Windows Update at Alternative to using Windows Update: In the comments, brucew mentioned AutoPatcher XP. He says “Updated monthly, a single […]

Microsoft getting hip with Zune and MTB

Over at Yahoo!s Spotlight! On! Technology!! there’s an article! (ok, I’ll stop now) about Microsoft’s Zune project manager and how he’s a cool and hip downhill mountain biker. It’s an interesting article, you should go check it out. One thing I thought was a bit bloody stupid of the reporter, though, was this fantastic comparison: […]