YouTube and 2.0 subculture

I didn’t fully comprehend the scale of the changes to culture on the web these days. I’ve been a geek forever and yet I missed the whole Web 2.0 thing. The web has become the realm of normal people lately! Cute girls (who I can positively guarantee don’t know a pre-processor statement from a constant […]

Learning some more about SEO

I’ want to learn more about SEO. I have a strong understanding of all the basic principles, in the same way that a graduate knows the basics of their specialist topic, but taking it profession will take a lot of effort. There are some great resources online, and there’s one that I keep getting pointed […]

T minus 790 days and counting…

This fantastic add-on for Firefox counts down the number of days remaining in the world’s favourite cretin’s presidential term. Fantastic! Or should I cry – more than 2 years! Get Firefox add-on: President Bush Countdown. Small, unobtrusive countdown appears in your status bar. Whaddya mean, you don’t have Firefox? HomeSec, we have a suspected terrorist!

WoW – how to do a Dire Maul: Tribute run!

This is a how-to on doing a Dire Maul:Tribute run. Part of my Warcraft Tips series – hope it’s of some use to you! For druid tanks it’s all about getting the Unyielding Maul which is a weapon almost as good as the Warden Staff. Comments in quotes are originally from US WoW forums. Pre-requisites: […]

WoW Baron 45 strategy

Some tips I wrote up for our guild when trying the Stratholme Baron: 45 run. Part of my Warcraft Tips series – hope it’s of some use to you! If you’re unfamiliar, the aim is to get to the Baron and get your first hit in on him less than 45 mins after zoning into […]

WoW feral druid tanking gear

Part of my Warcraft Tips series – hope it’s of some use to you! Do me proud, put those warrior tanks to shame! Druid tanks don’t need to worry so much about T0/T1/T2 sets. It’s a blessing and a curse – we don’t get stat bonuses, but we do get to look different :) Here’s […]

Why you should create a startup now

A positive but realistic post by Chris over on Particletree: Even though the odds say you’ll mess up on your first go (and even your second), just like walking, talking, or even snowboarding, business success comes through persistence and basically knowing more than you know now. This is why failures do better than newbies and […]

How quick can you make a cappuccino?

We have a really good Gaggia espresso machine in our building. It’s a pleasure to use, right up there with what most dedicated coffee shops are using, and much better than the rubbish you’ll see in a lot of bars. One of the guys here with me appreciates a top notch coffee as much as […]

Answering: What are your weaknesses?

People sometimes worry about this interview question where you’re asked what your weaknesses are. If you read the interview advice books, half of them will tell you to make something up that’s untrue but can be turned into a strength, like “I’m a perfectionist, which makes it hard for me to finish things, but I’m […]

Using and Live Bookmarks

This is a quick overview of how to use with Firefox Live Bookmarks. Why is it so good? You’ll find out! First you’ll need a account – go to and register: Once you’ve completed registration and logged into you should drag the bookmarklet up to your Tool Bar: You can see […]