The power of an early link

Igor over at posted about deeplinking to your own site early in your posts. It makes a lot of sense from an [tag]SEO[/tag] point of view for couple of reasons:

Whenever your “content” is republished somewhere … many times you’ll notice that the website will show a brief intro to content (usually your first paragraph) and then offer a link to read further. Well, isn’t it nice when your deep links are right there on top, closer to the index page, visible not only to people who read the article but also to search engine’s spiders?

Of course as I discovered writing the first paragraph of this post, sometimes it’s fairly difficult to fit it in naturally!

P.S. Saw your [tag]syndicate[/tag] post on WebPro getting all the [tag]link love[/tag], thought you should get some of the [tag]google juice[/tag] you deserved, Igor ;)

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  1. Igor M.
    Igor M. at |

    Hey, thanks for the mention. You’ve got some pretty good articles here.

  2. amd
    amd at |

    Thanks Igor, thought you deserved it after missing out on those links. I haven’t concentrated on staying focused or writing decent content – I’m using this blog (and the more targeted to learn more about SE[M|O], as well as trying to write stuff that people will revisit :) But I don’t want to sound ungrateful for the compliment, thanks again, much appreciated!


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