Two minute WordPress upgrade!

If you host your own [tag]Wordpress[/tag] then take note – there’s a [tag]php exploit[/tag] on the loose that’s taken out several well known SEO blogs. Advice is to update to [tag]Wordpress 2.0.7[/tag] right now. You have no excuse if you’re compromised because you have been warned!

Updated 23rd Jan: there’s a shiny new WordPress v2.1 that’s just been released – I recommend you upgrade to this, which includes the fix I mentioned below, along with a host of minor and not so minor changes (e.g. database performance caching)

If you don’t know [tag]how to upgrade[/tag] to the latest version it’s quite easy:

  1. Download the latest version of WordPress (this link is always to the latest good copy)
  2. Upload it to your server
  3. Unzip/untar it
  4. Copy it over your current install of WP
  5. Go to and click the big button
  6. You’re done!

That was easy, right?