What’s happening in NOLA

New Orleans, my favourite US city, is somewhere under this:
Hurricane Katrina

I visit there back in ‘99 when on a coast-to-coast road trip (LA to DC, 6480 miles). As my friend and I were driving up the east coast of Florida, we turned to each other simultaneously and said “We have to go back”. So we took a 900 mile detour off course in order to spend another 3 nights. Such a beautiful city, such great, friendly people. I hope it survives.


From NOLA’s Times-Picayune breaking news:

The roof of the Superdome, where thousands of New Orleans residents have sought refuge from the storm, was damaged and there are reports of water pouring into the building.

The Superdome has no electricity, so in addition to the rain coming in, there is no air-conditioning for the thousands of New Orleanians sheltering there.

And the US military concentrating their efforts positively:

Aircraft are positioned from Hammond to the Texas border ready to fly behind the storm to check damage after it passes over New Orleans, said Maj. Gen. Bennett C. Landreneau, head of the Louisiana National Guard.

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  1. skittishkitten
    skittishkitten at |

    I hope it survives too. New Orleans will take a real beating from Katrina. They were telling on the weather station that it might take out electricity statewide in Lousiana AND Alabama ! That would be TWO STATES without electricity !! Major shock. Their saying it might be a catastrophic disaster which is a term I have almost never heard them use. I think everyone is just holding their breath at this time. Nothing more we can do ….. until it’s over, then go in and try to help them clean up the mess and put their lives back together. :(

  2. Ronan (raven)
    Ronan (raven) at |

    Was there for mardi gras in february, a great city with amazing people. Met some real charecters over there especially the taxi driver who wimpered like a dog…

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