Why you should create a startup now

A positive but realistic post by Chris over on Particletree:

Even though the odds say you’ll mess up on your first go (and even your second), just like walking, talking, or even snowboarding, business success comes through persistence and basically knowing more than you know now. This is why failures do better than newbies and also the reason why you (especially if you’re young and without attachments) need to get your feet wet as soon as you can. To help convince you of the values of getting one under your belt, we’ve gathered the following five reasons why your first startup, regardless of whether it’s a success or not, is more valuable than you think because of the lessons you’ll learn.

Some of the things I found interesting:

  • It’s not uncommon to hear of two friends who spend a lot of time on planning out the perfect idea, but break up soon after they actually start.
  • Founders often call it quits when they just aren’t passionate about an idea anymore.
  • you can only really bank on 1% or 2% of your total customers on the paying plan
  • now is a great time to begin your first startup because there is usually a lot to learn before your first real success

5 Reasons to Create Your First Startup