WoW Baron 45 strategy

Some tips I wrote up for our guild when trying the Stratholme Baron: 45 run. Part of my Warcraft Tips series – hope it’s of some use to you!

If you’re unfamiliar, the aim is to get to the Baron and get your first hit in on him less than 45 mins after zoning into the instance.

– we need to optimize the teams, the first few attempts at least

– everyone needs to know the route inside out – so several trial runs following that route

– everyone prepared with all consumables (speed, mana, health, free action, agility, strength potions, 4000hp/mana food/water)

every trick to avoid downtime e.g.

— during battles mana and hp potions on every cooldown
continuous chain pulls
— large group pulls on non-fearing mobs, Hellfire, using voidwalker sacrifice & priest shield
— if using druid tank, he can heal a life-tapping warlock, and every 6 mins innervate the priest, charge to next mobs asap
— if wiping for some reason, stop fighting, try aggro more mobs so they kill you quicker (druid tank go to caster form)
only loot the mini bosses, and then All Greed for speed

– SoulStone suicide run seems like a good plan to save several minutes

– Everyone Teamspeak would be a huge benefit, particularly if they all have microphones

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