WoW – how to do a Dire Maul: Tribute run!

This is a how-to on doing a Dire Maul:Tribute run. Part of my Warcraft Tips series – hope it’s of some use to you!

For druid tanks it’s all about getting the Unyielding Maul which is a weapon almost as good as the Warden Staff. Comments in quotes are originally from US WoW forums.


  • Gordok Ogre Suit ( needs:
  • Bolt of Runecloth: 0/4
  • Rugged Leather: 0/8
  • Ogre Tannin: 0/1 (obtain inside instance)
  • Rune Thread: 0/2

Broken Trap requires:

      Thorium Widget: 1
      Frost Oil: 1

I suggest bringing 16 bolts, 32 Rugged Leather, 8 Rune Thread, 4 Thorium Widgets and 4 Frost Oils so you can try 4 attempts in row for good chance to drop. I think you can get away with 50% of the suit mats if you’re a LW or tailor, but another person in my party made the suits so I can’t confirm. If you bring that amount you’re cool.


The outer door is opened with Crescent Key from DM: East. The Courtyard door is opened with Gordok Courtyard Key, which can be picked up during the run, from a chest on a pedestal near the door. The inner Courtyard door is opened with Gordok Inner Door Key, which is dropped by Guard Mol’dar. HOWEVER I suggest NOT killing him. If you avoid killing named guards, you will get more loot in the Tribute Chest. All doors can also be opened with Powerful Seaforium Charge/Truesilver Skeleton Key / rogue w/300 lockpicking so this really is the way to go.

All head left inside the entrance, clear all the mobs in the corridors, but skip side arches. Kill as little as possible, it speeds it up. In order of priority, kill mages first when in the corridors, and in the order Doomguards, Warlocks then melee classes when inside. Always kill “Eyes of Kilrog” if they appear asap, they summon Voidwalkers if they get enough time after detecting you.

When you see the goblin ahead on the right, don’t kill the patrolling Ogre – fix the Broken Trap using Thorium Widget and Frost Oil. He will walk into it and voila, trapped! Go to the goblin to get quest to make the suit and DON’T free him! Now go loot the tannin (upstairs near mobs) and he will make suit . You have to be a tailor or leatherworker to make it yourself, but it uses only 1/2 the mats, useful if you’re running several times.

“Use the suit and talk to the captain and he will be non-hostile and run to elsewhere in the instance.”

Yep, he does just that. Now you just need to clear a couple easy mobs (dogs etc) and head straight ahead to the King.

“Defeat the end boss (trying not to kill his named support if you can, but that makes it harder) and you will become “King” once you talk to an ogre that walks up. A tribute chest (with more/better stuff the fewer people you killed) will drop. Make sure every party member gets the “King” buff though. “

I disagree. This was the easiest fight of the entire thing. I tanked the King, all dps on him, hunter’s pet tanked the support guy. I pulled the King away from the other as otherwise the King gets healed. Only thing to watch for is a big knockback. King does that, then goes on a random (or maybe 2nd highest threat) party member. Use charge and pull him back away from his healer. He goes down fairly easy I think. YMMV.

Win! Talk to the guy, become King, loot tribute chest and have a fairly decent chance of getting the Maul. Don’t forget to talk to all the guys you didn’t kill and get the really cool 2 hour buffs.

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